5 Proven Ways To Prevent Your Washer From Stinking

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Proven Ways To Prevent Your Washer From Stinking

One of the common household problem that bothers almost all washer owners is stinking smell that arises from the interiors of an appliance. This issue is most encountered in front load washers compared to the top load ones. Though these machines are responsible for reducing the workload, the stinking smell they emit can compel the homeowners to avoid its use. There are multiple reasons that are responsible for this bad odor and should not be ignored at any cost. The common cause is unclean or moist interiors that promote the bacterial growth which is usually stinky.

Some easy tips to solve the problem are:

  • Use High Efficiency Detergents
    Detergents are used for washing the load, but only few people knows that they are rich in sud that often settles in the machine components. To reduce the effect of sud, use only high efficiency detergents that are specially formulated for low water washing machines. By continuing the use of harsh washing powders, residue or scum will accumulate in the washer drum that will start emitting a foul odor. Therefore, its advised to use a little amount of detergent for smaller loads.
  • Keep The Tub Clean
    No matter, you use regular or high efficiency detergent, with every use some amount of scum will stick between the wash drum and tub. In order to remove this scum, one needs to clean the tub by running a self clean cycle.
  • Reduce Detergent Use
    The water that is recommended for washers is soft water. It works fine with detergents and cause over studding. To prevent scum buildup, minimize the amount of detergent. This helps in preventing sud and scum accumulation. In other words, if you are using soft water, use less of washing powder.
  • Keep Washer Lid Open when Not in Use
    After every use, clean the washer using a dry cloth to clear away every droplet of water. Make sure that the gasket is dry. Consider leaving the front or top lid opened for a couple of hours to allow the moisture to evaporate and escape way. This greatly help in fuming away the bad odors.
  • Clean The Drain Pump Filter
    Most of the front load washers are prone to catch debris that should not be allowed to enter inside the drain pump. This debris accumulation can result in unpleasant odors. Its advised to clean the drain pump filter once in a month to prevent debris and odors.

These are some tips that can help you in owing a fresh feel washer. If you are regularly facing troubles with your washer or dryer, feel free to call our appliance repair technicians in Edmonton.