Why Your Dryer Isn’t Working? Reasons Explained By Experts.

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Why Your Dryer Isn't Working? Reasons Explained By Experts.

Washers and dryers are important home appliances that are responsible for reducing the workload of a homeowner to a great extent. Their worth is often realized when any of them becomes faulty. In cold weather, when washing a load of clothes can be stressful, drying them without a dryer is not less than a nightmare. Therefore, dryers are considered valuable home appliances that offer many great benefits. Alike all other electronic gadgets, dryers also needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Some dryer issues that occur commonly are:

  1. It Won’t Turn On
    If your dryer isn’t turning on, don’t panic. First of all, make sure that it is properly plugged and then, test the electrical outlet with a line tester. If there is power in the socket but the appliance is still not working, the underlying cause of failure is with the dryer itself. There are chances that it fuse box or circuit might blew. For effective repairs, call in appliance repair technician for service.
  2. Is Not Tumbling
    In case, the dryer is turning on, but not performing its function, there might be fault with its belts or drum. Spinning of drum is crucial for drying clothes. If the dryer belt is damaged or broken, it will not allow the drum to spin. Don’t opt for self repairs, instead get the appliance inspected and repaired by experts.
  3. It’s Wrinkling Clothes
    If your dryer is working, but the clothes are coming out scorched or wrinkled badly, turn off the appliance at once. The reason for this issue are fault dryer components such as, rollers, drum seals or glides. This problem can be effectively treated by a dryer repair professional.
  4. Clothes Are Wet
    Sometimes, everything is running properly, until the time you realize that the clothes that were put inside the appliance for drying are still wet. If your dryer isn’t heating, inspect its settings and heating element. If you aren’t having the correct tools to access its ignition, contact an appliance repair service.

These are the few issues that usually arise with dryers. If you are facing any issues with your washer and dryer, feel free to contact our professionals at Junior Appliance Repair.