How to Identify Washer Issues to Avoid Major Repairs

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How to Identify Washer Issues to Avoid Major Repairs

Most people take washer for granted until it stops working properly. The day it starts causing problem, is the day you realize its actual worth in your daily life. With so much wear and tear and washing more than loads of your clothes, it’s compelled to stop working after a few years. It is quite essential to maintain your washer, in order to make it last longer than expected. You need to keep a regular eye and ear to identify and repair any issues, so as to avoid the need for an expensive repair.

Few issues that can help you judge that your washer needs repair:

  • Washer Rocks Excessively
    Washer rocking during the spin cycle occurs commonly. The reason may be the off balance caused due to the uneven dispersed clothes. The solution to this problem is, open the lid and rearrange the clothes so that they are evenly dispersed within the drum. If your attempt of rearranging clothes doesn’t work, then don’t ignore the problem. Running your machine with this problem can cause heavy damage to other components. Therefore, it’s advised to seek professional help to overcome this problem with less repair costs.
  • Agitator Doesn’t Work
    Agitator is a device installed in the center of washing drum that jerks back and out in a semicircular motion during every rinse cycle to clean your clothes in an effective manner. It’s easy to check whether the agitator is working or not. Simply lift the washer lid during wash cycle to see if your clothes are shuffling around. They’ll remain dirty without a working agitator. So it’s worth having this problem looked sooner, rather than later.
  • Water not draining
    During normal operation, a washer drains water before the spin cycle begins. If your water pump has gone through any blockage or some technical fault, then it won’t let the water out. In this situation, you won’t be able to drain water until a professional help you to overcome this problem.
  • Clothes are Wet Even After Spin Cycle
    A spin cycle is important for removing water from clothes to a large extent, so that your dryer can work more efficiently. If your motor is working but the drum isn’t spinning, then you are left with no choice but to place dripping wet clothes in the dryer. This can cause it to wear out faster. It’s advised not to delay a repair, if you’re facing this problem.
  • Water Doesn’t Fill the Drum
    You can’t wash clothes with a washer that doesn’t fill its drum with water. There are many possible causes for this problem such as a kinked hose, delayed cycle, disconnected water faucets, clogged water intake valve, or an obstructed filter. To get rid of this problem, you’ll need to hire a washer repair professional.

These are the few issues that your washer might face anytime. You need to be familiar with them so as to avoid major repairs without any delay. You can seek help of our appliance repair professionals in Edmonton, whenever you face any difficulty dealing with your washers or any other appliance.

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